Migraine and Tension Headache Treatments

Migraines are neurological disorders causing individuals to experience intense, unilateral headaches sometimes lasting for days, accompanied by vomiting and light sensitivity. Right before a migraine hits, some individuals might experience precursory signals such as “auras” – sensory symptoms that manifest as flashes of light or blind spots. Tension headaches (constituting 90% of all headaches) differ from migraines, causing the individual to experience bilateral squeezing pressure that can range in severity from moderate to excruciating. Chronic migraines and tension headaches can put your life on hold, getting in the way of work and personal life, and holding you in the grip of discomfort and pain. I have a non-pharmaceutical approach to treating these disorders by addressing the causes that trigger them. Some of the most frequent precipitating factors for migraine and tension headaches are hidden food allergies, psycho-emotional stress, and an accumulation of toxic heavy metals, namely mercury, lead, and arsenic. In addition, household chemicals and pesticides can be to blame. My approach targets these predisposing factors and has so far delivered excellent long-lasting results to many patients. The omission of foods causing allergic reactions, and detoxification with intravenous infusions and oral nutritional supplements, are effective treatment options. If you experience migraine or tension headaches, I might draw from the following therapies to help treat and eradicate the problem:

  1. Hidden Food Allergies Treatment
  2. Homeopathy
  3. Neural Therapy
  4. Neural Prolotherapy
  5. Intravenous Vitamins Infusions (Meyers’ solution)
  6. Chelation Therapy
  7. Acupuncture