Migraine Relief – Natural and Nontoxic

Migraines are one of the most frequent medical conditions.
We focus on natural methods of headache relief, such as:

  • Homeopathy – micro-doses of herbs and minerals
  • Adjusting the Diet according to individual sensitivity to certain foods.

We also offer powerful holistic method of migraine relief called

  • Neural Therapy – injections of small amount of local anesthetic to key points controlling megraine
  • Trigger Point injections of natural saline solution to relieve spasm of head and neck muscles which may cause migraines

Overall our goal is to get Migraine Relief with natural and nontoxic treatments.

These are the types of headaches we usually see in our practice.

Migraine Headaches
Cluster Headaches
Tension Headaches
Post-traumatic Headaches
Headaches due to issues in cervical spine
Sinus Headaches