Neural Prolotherapy

Maybe the sports that you love haven’t been so kind to your body, resulting in tennis elbow or knee pain from running or golf. Or perhaps you’ve had chronic low back pain for most of your adult life. Could be, your diagnosis is osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia.

Solution: Neural Prolotherapy

Help is on the way. Neural Prolotherapy is a powerfully effective new development in the world of regenerative medicine. One of several kinds of regenerative injections, Neural Prolotherapy can help resolve inflammation and pain at the source: your nerves. Free of pain, you can get your life back.

How Neural Prolotherapy Works

Like Prolotherapy, Neural Prolotherapy involves the injection of a low-dose dextrose solution. Yet while Prolotherapy focuses on ligament and tendon healing, Neural Prolotherapy goes deeper, targeting the subcutaneous nerves. Injections are given under the skin, rather than in ligaments and joints.

When you receive Neural Prolotherapy, the nerves are bathed in a 5% dextrose solution combined with sterile water. Clinical observation has shown that this solution offers immediate analgesia, or pain relief. It was Dr. John Lyfgodt, a physician in New Zealand, who first discovered that inflamed nerves responded well to a low-dose dextrose solution. Thus, Neural Prolotherapy was born. Today, it is considered one of the cutting-edge pain relief therapies of the 21st century.

Real Relief for “Deep Pain”

When you have chronic pain from an injury or underlying disorder, a complex biological mechanism is at work. Cutaneous nerves pass through many layers of tissue, called fascia, in the body. If there is nerve swelling at the fascial penetration zone, a Chronic Constriction Injury (CCI) can occur. This CCI can inhibit the flow of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). A proper flow of NGF is necessary for nerve health and repair.

Neural Prolotherapy’s low-dose dextrose solution goes straight to the source of the problem. Researchers theorize that the solution assists in the repair of the connective tissue in the nerve trunks under the skin. The process is similar to the way in which, with classical Prolotherapy, the injections assist in the repair of ligaments and tendons. However, Neural Prolotherapy targets the very small nerves, known as ‘nervi nervorum’. These branches of tiny nerves are often responsible for inflammation of the surrounding tissues. Neural Prolotherapy involves the use of a very fine needle to precisely reach—and effectively treat—the underlying source of pain.

Help for Hard-to-Treat Neuralgias

The painful conditions known as neuralgias, or peripheral neuropathic pain, are often very hard to treat. Conventional treatments with anti-inflammatories or cortisone injections are usually ineffective in resolving these conditions. Anti-inflammatories and cortisone injections can also have serious side effects. However, Neural Prolotherapy is highly effective in treating neuralgic pain—with no side effects. Clinical observations and studies have shown that Neural Prolotherapy can reverse neurogenic inflammation and alleviate neuralgia pain. When it comes to treating neuralgias, Neural Prolotherapy has presented itself as a groundbreaking healing modality with life-changing results.

How Neural Prolotherapy Can Help You

I use Neural Prolotherapy to treat everything from tennis elbow and fibromyalgia, to chronic pain in the knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, neck, and low back. Treatment typically involves about 8 sessions of micro-injections under the skin. Discomfort is minimal, and you can quickly resume your normal level of activity. If you play sports or exercise, expect to return to your workouts either the same day or the next day. Best of all, the results are extraordinary.

Talk to me about how Neural Therapy can help set you free from chronic pain.

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