P Shot

Erectile Dysfunction is a much bigger problem than people think. 50% of men over 40 may experience some sort of Erectile Dysfunction. Priapus Shot, or P Shot, is a patented protocol that was invented by Dr. Charles Runels to treat Erectile Dysfunction. P Shot utilizes the well-known technique, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which has been used for years in various medical specialties including Cardiac Surgery, Orthopedics, Dentistry, and more. Platelet Rich Plasma is used to Rejuvenate, Restore and Revitalize certain organs, in this case – a penis. Priapus Shot PRP restores the cells, blood vessels and tissues as they were when someone was younger. P-Shot is a short, 45 minute office procedure that entails an application of topical anesthetic for comfort, withdrawing blood, processing it, harvesting platelets, growth factors, and performing a procedure. There is also 10-15 minutes post procedure period, but afterwards you are free to go home, resume your regular activities, go to the gym, etc. Following the procedure, you perform pump exercises for a few weeks 10 minutes twice a day. PRP is effective, but so is the pump. This combination of the two really maximizes your gains and longevity with the procedure. Although P Shot is a treatment of erectile dysfunction, patients also report an increase in length and girth.

Q & A:

  1. Is it painful? No, we use a numbing technique that makes it painless.
  2. Is this rejuvenation approved by FDA? PRP is a blood product. It is not a drug. Thus, it is not regulated by FDA. FDA regulates the machines that we use to produce PRP.
  3. Is it a lifelong change? Because PRP produces revascularization it is possible that change could be permanent. Currently we see that people are still satisfied beyond one year and longer, they even sometimes come back to do it again.
  4. How expensive is P-Shot? It is $1,900. It is an expensive procedure because we use equipment that is not usually found in most doctor offices.
  5. Are there side effects, contraindications or are there patients who are not qualified to have a procedure? It is your own blood. And because it is your own blood – there are no allergic reactions or side effects. Of course there could be a bruise. You can do it in conjunction with other procedures or separately.
  6. Is there downtime? No recovery time is needed. You can be active immediately after procedure and go to work.

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